I don’t remember his exact words, but A.S. Makarov said, that ability to educate is an art, as much art as well to play the violin or the piano, good painting, to be a good singer, an artist or an actor, if you just give him a book in his hands you can’t teach a person to be a good artist, a turner or a designer. A teacher is the one who loves, understands the nature of his profession. A teacher loves and understands children, can always come to the rescue in a difficult situation. For his pupils he is a true friend, sincere and wise counselor assistant. The teaching profession at all times has been the most difficult, because the future of our country is in his hands. It’s noble to give knowledge to others. I believe that teacher is worthy of love and respect. I can’t choose who is my favorite teacher, because all of them are good and real professionals. But the only person on whose lessons I froze and listen to everything is my geography teacher, Faizulin Ravil Kalimovich. When I first came to his lesson, I was very surprised because his lesson was different from lessons of other teachers. If he is given a topic, he explains it extensively, he tells the latest news regarding this topic, says how it affects our country. His first lesson, I thought that it tells a very different story, but in the end he told us that reduced all together and draw conclusions. Despite the fact that he isn’t young, he is very modern, it helps to understand each other. He doesn’t have favorite students, he is just and honest teacher. He is funny and he knows how to protect himself properly, in his speech a lot of sarcasm and irony and I love it.

I’m sure that he had chosen the right profession. He is a true teacher!