I’ll start with the fact that the teaching profession at all times was the most honorable, but at the same time the most difficult. Teacher’s work is difficult. Checking notebooks, preparing for lessons – all this takes a lot of time and effort I think that every teacher is worthy of love and respect. But I want to write about several educators. Still my choice fell on a person, who, I think, affected strong on me – it’s math teacher. She made me believe in myself. She proved that I really know many things. Her name is Anna Igorevna. She’s very tactful approach to each of the students. And it is easy to perceive that she explains. It is easy to work, but at the same time it’s very exacting. Anna Igorevna assesses students in a right way. Ability to pass on their experience to the young – it’s a talent. And I think it is not given to everyone. Finally want to say to all teachers: “Thank you for what you have!”