Hello, my dear friends. Recently, I got task to write a little composition about a person, who I think is the greatest teacher I met on my life way. It’s extremely hard to just highlight one, but I’ll try. I’m sorry if it would hurt anyone. So, here we go. All time I remember myself – I always loved learning foreign languages and of course, my all time favorite one was English. I’ve studied it a lot. Not so hard, but still – I’ve changed some school and classes, so I have seen a lot of different teachers. I’m sure – you’ve already got the idea, didn’t you? Yes, I’m trying to say, that the teacher I’ve chosen as my favorite school teacher in scope of this composition – Yevseyeva Yuliya Vladimirovna.

Why she’s so special, you may ask? It’s freaking many reasons. For example: it’s really hard to find such young but clever and educated person. You got question – she’s got answer. But smartness is not the only her merit. Maybe it’s time to write legends about her kindness and charity. I think that it’s great way to teach, when you give second chance to pupils, that didn’t do anything. It helps to not ruin good marks and gives motivation to study harder.

But English skills is not the only one thing I can tell about. By the way, she is our World Art Culture teacher too. And by help of her I really started to like all that art stuff. Interesting lectures, exciting quests and tasks, useful hard work – all that stuff is essentials of each World Culture lessons.

All I want to say is that I hope than everyone would have such great teacher as Julia Vladimirovna.